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Monthly Specials For January

Nitto Nissan SR20 2.2L Stroker Kit with H Beam Rods
NITTO's SR20DET Stroker kits consist of an increased stroke crankshaft made from solid 4340 billet steel, 4340 one piece forged billet steel H-beam connecting rods and unique JE/Nitto forged piston set along with upgraded thick wall gudgeon pins and premium ring sets. Engine capacity is increased from 2.0ltr to 2.2ltr which provides more power and torque ...
$4,550.00  $4,249.99
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Nitto rocker arm stoppers - suit SR20DE/T
NITTO’s SR20 Rocker Stopper kit has been specifically developed to minimize the possibility of the valve train rocker arms jumping off their lifters, normally caused by an engine over rev or extended high rpm use as seen in various forms of motorsport such as drag racing or drifting. The rocker stoppers work by limiting the amount of travel the lifter end of the rocker arm can move thus reducing the pos...
$85.00  $75.00
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Nitto Nissan SR20 H-Beam Conrods With ARP Bolts
NITTO H-beam connecting rods are manufactured using the highest quality one piece 4340 forged billet steel round stock and have been designed as a first stage upgrade for the price conscious racer. The simpler manufacturing process of the H-beam connecting rod over its BIG brother the "I-beam" has allowed costs to be kept down to a more affordable l...
$650.00  $600.00
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Featured Products - S15

Hi Octane Racing Nissan SR20 RWD Dry Sump Kit S13/14/15 NEW BILLET SUMP
Hi Octane Racing Nissan SR20 RWD Dry sump kit. For many years the Nissan SR20 engine has been heralded as one of the all time great racing engines. It has an undeniable ability to produce enormous amounts of horsepower for a relatively small 2 liter capacity. The Achilles heel of the SR20 has always been the oiling system. There are also many associated problems that I will briefly outline here. F...
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