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ACT Monoloc Collar Suit Evo 5-9


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People love good secrets. So, when Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) engineers began developing a solution to the common problem with standard two-piece wedge collars found in Japanese pull-type clutches, they engineered Monoloc — a secret design too good to keep quiet about.

Monoloc is a direct replacement and upgrade to the two-piece wedge collar in pull-type clutches for the Mitsubishi Evo. Its one-piece construction eliminates the collar snap ring from bending or popping out of place, which typically leads to clutch failure or severe pressure plate damage.

"The problem usually occurs during racing or ‘enthusiastic driving,’" Dirk Starksen, ACT president and lead engineer on the Monoloc project, said, "The snap ring of the wedge collar sometimes pops out of place and doesn’t seat back into the release bearing. This causes the snap ring to bend and the clutch to stop working."

Monoloc fixes these issues. The spring tension of the segmented retaining ring has been carefully calculated and tested for optimal performance. The one-piece wedge collar provides uniform loading on the bearing and pressure plate to assure proper alignment, regardless of driver influence or vehicle modifications. In addition, Monoloc’s hardened, Chromoly steel construction will provide years of service.

  • Model: ACTMONO

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 03 July, 2015.

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