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Pedal Box

Perusic Engineering Complete Pedal Box Assembly


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This universal pedal box is an adjustable lightweight design, utilizing high strength alloy construction, universal fitting design using adjustable mounting feet, adjustable pedals with maximized mechanical advantage, built in brake balance technology, and an adjustable throttle linkage.

Mounting is easily achieved via the adjustable feet at both ends. This feature is aimed to spread the loads over a much greater span area, resulting in overall lower installation weight and lower floor stresses. Eliminating the need to add extra material required to stiffen your floor or foot well of many vehicles.

Longitudinal adjustment like a floor mount unit is still possible when the mounting feet are fixed parallel to each other. The competitors traditional floor mount units require extreme floor rigidity due to the small concentrated mounting area provided. This usually requires additional stiffening of the mounting area by the addition of material and results in unwanted extra weight.

Featuring adjustable pedal geometry for feel and comfort, once the kit is installed in the desired location at your selected incline angle the desired pedal face positions can easily be set using the inbuilt adjustment slots. The mechanical advantage can also be increased by raising the pedal faces up or decreased by lowering them down.

Features inbuilt spring return and easy adjustment of the throttle linkage geometry. The throttle stroke length is achieved via moving the adjustable rod along the slot in the cable linkage. Very fine settings can be achieved ranging from 25mm to 46mm stroke. The adjustable rod with spherical ends allows fine motion ratios to be set to suit your throttle rate requirements. The throttle pedal lever features an inbuilt stop in both directions.

The incorporated balance bar operates on the principles of force distribution to the front and rear master cylinders via an adjustable bias bar which can be adjusted using the remote cable adjuster provided.

With lightweight, high strength alloy construction, the universal pedal box weighs in at only 2.3kg. It is designed to satisfy design and strength requirements that motorsport demands. The assembly has been developed using the latest CAD modelling software. It has been stress tested using FEA simulations.


comes complete with

master cylinders


resivour lines


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