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Holinger Gearbox Evo 10 Dog Box


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    Sequential shift 6-speed transaxle designed for use in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

  • The MF-E is a complete gearbox, replacing the original Mitsubishi unit between the engine and the transfer case. The MF-E10 for use in EVO X.
  • Torque rating for endurance events is 700Nm (520ft.lb).
  • The gearbox is fitted with 6 forward gears, a reverse gear set and a ring & pinion. All gears are profile ground for increased efficiency and durability
  • All gears have an extensive range of ratios available, the 1st pinion gear is integral with the shaft.
  • The centre differential is included and compatible with all EVO 4-9 mechanical and active (ACD, AYC) systems / transfer cases.
  • The internal lubrication system consists of a magnetic / paper element filter, an oil pump with provision for an external cooler, a spray bar to feed cooled oil directly onto the gears, through-shaft lubrication to all needle roller bearings and oil feed for the transfer case.
  • Output is designed to work with the standard Mitsubishi tripods and drive-shafts. Holinger can supply optional stronger shafts if required.
  • The original clutch, slave-cylinder and fork are compatible.
  • The original speedometer system is compatible.
  • The original front and rear mounts can be used. A new top mount is supplied with the gearbox.
  • A stand-alone gear-lever system with an integral shift-cut trigger is available. Holinger can supply a complete floor mounted system with cables to interface with the gearbox.
  • A gear position sensor is supplied for interfacing with an electronic dash display. Alternatively a stand-alone gear indicator display is available for cars not fitted with an electronic dash.
  • A temperature sensor can be installed on the gearbox (M12x1.5).
  • Case hardened nickel chrome steel is used for all gears and shafts.
  • The selector forks are manufactured from high tensile, nitrided steel.
  • Casings are sandcast Aluminium alloy, heat treated to T6 specifications.
  • O-ring seals are used on all joint faces.
  • Gearbox weight is 50kg (110lbs).

  • Model: HOL-MF-E10
  • Shipping Weight: 50kg
  • Manufactured by: Holinger

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