FPG R32 GTR fuel tank billet hat baffled hanger

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New and improved version!

We've been seeing such great results from the "In-tank surge tank" that we decided to apply the same approach to the baffled fuel system kits.

The setup now uses a stainless steel cylinder to trap the fuel around the fuel pump(s) and the level self balances with the tank via an opening in the bottom.

This kit can be converted to an in-tank surge tank very easily with additional parts (available separately). 

It can be ordered as a "Single, Twin or Triple Pumps" configuration and can be modified/upgraded at any point in time with additional parts (ie: you can order a twin pump configuration and use only one pump for now and add another one later, convert a single to a twin, a twin to a triple, etc.)

We've revised the mounting options to allow more pump models to be used, including the Bosch Motorsport 540 in a twin configuration (can be used as a single by installing only one pump).

Connectors to connect to the plugs in the hat are included, and come with both barrel and F crimp type terminals.

We also have some matching Nissan style connectors so you can connect to the factory wiring without cutting wires in the "wiring and connectors" section.

The kits can be ordered with a wide range of fitting options including: barbs, GM quick connect, AN6, AN8, AN10. The female threads in the billet hat are M18x1.5 so fittings can be interchanged or replaced at any point in time. 

The pumps can be powered individually via the 4 pin plug in the hat and grounding through the hat (grounding boss built-in on the top and underside of hat).

The fuel level sender will work with the factory cluster and aftermarket digital dashes when configured in the dash correctly.

We recommend using the FPG tank access cover for more clearance and ease of wiring, as the factory cover can be a bit tight.

The kits are compatible with all fuel types and use 10mm flexible tubing. Some pumps like SARD or Walbro 255 use 8mm barbs and will not fit correctly.

Please note that the Bosch Motorsport 540 and the Walbro 535 (F90000295) pumps do not have built-in check valves and will require additional check valves if used in a staged  multi-pump configuration). Always talk to your tuner to make sure you are building the right fuel system for your application!


*When your order is placed, we will contact you for confirmation on Outlet and Return barbed/AN fitting sizes.


Outlet: 5/16 barb , -8AN or -10AN.

Return: 5/16 barb , -8AN or -10AN.

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