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Best Service


We pride ourselves on our service. When you ring us with a problem you are guaranteed to get a friendly technical sales person that knows the products inside out and NOT an answering machine.

When you buy products from Hi Octane Direct the after sales service is a world away from our inline competitors who normally will take your money and ignore any emails after the sale AND OFTEN DO NOT EVEN HAVE A PHONE CONTACT.

If you need technical back up, we are there, if you need help, we are there, our service carries on long after the sale.

Before you make your next online purchase, check whether the company you're planning to purchase from has a physical address, contact phone and fax number - if they don't - you should ask yourself why is that, and whether you want to do deal with the.

We've been selling performance parts for over six years, and pride ourselves on our experience and customer service. We go the extra mile so you don't have to.

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