Kelford Camshaft Set - Nissan RB26 182-F

SKU: 182-F


Kelford's 288 degree serious racing cams. These require custom shims because of the reduced base circle.

The Kelford Cams range of camshafts for Nissan RB26DETT engines has been designed to suit a range of applications, from mild street cams with no head clearancing required, right through to the most aggressive, no-expense-spared race builds.

RB camshafts are fitted with two different kinds of triggers; by default we fit the spline and hand half moon type, if you need the yoke shaped type please let us know when ordering.


Engine Make: Engine Model: Part Number:
Valve Clearance: Intake: 0.25mm Set COLD at the CAM
  Exhaust: 0.30mm Set COLD at the CAM
Cam Lift:   Intake: 11.35mm Exhaust: 11.35mm
Rocker Ratio:   Intake: 1 Exhaust: 1
Nett Valve Lift:   Intake: 11.10mm Exhaust: 11.05mm
Advertised Duration @ 0.35mm Intake: 288 Exhaust: 288
Duration @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT Intake: 248 Exhaust: 248
Timing @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT IVO: 12 BTDC EVO: 64 BBDC
    IVC: 56 ABDC EVC: 4 ATDC
Suggested Centre Lines:   Intake: 112 Exhaust: 120
VALVE Lift @ TDC Intake: 2.29mm Exhaust: 1.33