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Monthly Specials For January

Nitto RB Oil Pump
The NITTO RB series high volume oil pump is a high quality performance aftermarket oil pump that will suit Nissan RB20, RB25, RB26 and RB30 engines. Oil flow and pressure is dramatically increased over that of the factory oil pump which is critical in modified engines for reliability of the lubrication system. Failure of this system is the “Achilles heel&rdq...
$1,449.00  $1,350.00
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Nitto Nissan RB25/26 H-Beam Conrods With ARP Bolts
NITTO H-beam connecting rods are manufactured using the highest quality one piece 4340 forged billet steel round stock and have been designed as a first stage upgrade for the price conscious racer. The simpler manufacturing process of the H-beam connecting rod over its BIG brother the "I-beam" has allowed costs to be kept down to a more affordable l...
$930.00  $875.00
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Hi Octane Racing RB26DETT Cam Cover Baffles E85 safe
After years of racing experience and knowledge of the Nissan B26 Hi Octane have designed these Triple Flow Cam cover baffles to help with the engine's breathing problems. This unique triple flow design help prevents the engine pushing all the oil out the breather's in the top of the...
$299.00  $264.99
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