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OS Giken

OS Giken
RB315 3L Engine

$27,900.00  $23,849.99

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The ultimate upgrade for your RB26, these complete pre-assembled bottom-end kits are rated to handle power outputs up to 1400hp.

The new RB315 features 89mm stroke and 86.5mm pistons for 3138cc capacity. Normal combustion chamber volume comes to 10cc, but specially shaped pistons can also be custom-ordered. The RB315 is built using an N1 block, with the same specially-designed spacer and liner arrangement as the RB30, with an oil restrictor and piston cooler jets already fitted.. Special features not found in a normal RB26 include an 8-bolt flywheel pattern*, 22mm gudgeon pins and 23mm rod bearing width. Nismo black metal crankshaft bearings are used, with specially designed crank cap bolts. The bottom end is supplied complete with a metal head gasket, specially designed head stud bolts, adjustable timing gears, tensioner pulley and longer timing belt.






Part Number-OS Giken RB315


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  • Model: OS Giken RB31
  • Manufactured by: OS Giken

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 July, 2010.

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