Haltech WBC1 Single Channel Wideband Controller Kit

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Haltech's CAN Wideband controllers allow accurate measurement of Air/Fuel ratios over a wide range, from rich to lean via the Haltech CAN System for precise engine tuning.

With a single plug n play CAN connection, integration with your Haltech ECU is now quick and simple. Suitable with all Platinum ECU’s, it can be configured in seconds using the automatic CAN device detection feature in the ECU Manager software.

Once installed the Haltech CAN Wideband controller increases the functionality of your Haltech ECU. Air/Fuel ratios can now be displayed on your laptop, external gauge and even broadcast straight to the Haltech IQ3 Dash.

Advanced functions such as closed loop O2 correction is now possible for improved fuel economy and can even protect against engine lean out conditions.

Available in a Single Channel (WBC1) and Dual Channel (WBC2) the Haltech CAN Wideband Controllers are the perfect addition to your Haltech Engine Management system.