Hi Octane Racing - RB26 Sump Extension


This item MUST be fitted by a professional fabricator/welder.

IMPORTANT: Before installation make sure you clean the sump thoroughly to make sure that there are no foreign particles in the sump.

When installing the completed sump to the engine, it must be fitted to the engine with the engine up the correct way. Do NOT fit the sump to the engine if it is on an engine stand upside down as this will cause the swinging gates to be stuck in the open position which could lead to oil starvation and engine failure.

When welding the extension to your OEM sump the sump must be bolted to an engine block to stop it from distorting during the welding process. Use the below measurements as a guide for correct placement of the sump extension.

Due to the engine sitting on an angle when in the car use the following measurements as a guide to get the extension to sit on the correct angle. Lefthand side – The leading edge of the extension should sit approximately 66mm from the outside edge of the sumps first mounting bolt hole. Righthand side – The leading edge of the extension should sit approximately 33mm from the lowest point of the of the sump mounting flange directly above the leading edge of the extension.

Use the short tube supplied to extend the pickup length between the strainer and the mounting bracket as shown in the image below.

Hi Octane Racing takes no responsibility for engine damage caused by incorrect fitment. If you are unsure do not hesitate to contact us directly on (02) 9638 4643.