Tomei Solid Bucket - Nissan RB26 / Toyota 2JZ

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Tomei's reaplcement solid lifters are designed for use with the Tomei Procam range along with other high lift camshafts that have a reduced base circle.

Installing high lift camshafts is one of the best ways to improve engine performance, however in some engines, it cannot be done without applying smaller base circle camshaft. Usually, this is dealt with by making special valves, grinding valve sheets or installing thick valve shims, yet, all the these methods run the risk of reducing reliability of the engine and raising cost of processing. Tomei designed their valve lifter higher than stock so that high lift camshafts can be installed while only by replacing the valve lifter.

High Strength Chrome-Moly Steel + Cold Forging
Tomei adopt cold forging process to the high strength chro-moly steel. This reduces burden to the valves enormously while raising reliability at the super high RPM sharply.

Carburizing Surface Treatment
The surface was treated with the Carburizing process to increase the surface hardness which raises reliability for longer periods of time even in extreme conditions of performance engines. Carburizing is the process of increasing the carbon content in the metals surface through a heat process to implant carbon atoms into the crystal structure of the metal. This will result in a harder outer surface, while the core remains soft and tough.


・Set of 24
・For use with standard base circle RB26 camshafts
・Specifically designed for Tomei Innner-Shim Kit and Tomei Camshafts with smaller diameter base circle of 34.8mm for 2JZ

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