Cusco - LSD - Type-RS Spec F - Limited Slip Differential - 1.5 Way (1.5&2 Way) - Toyota Altezza SXE10


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The initial effect of the previous Type RS and MZ has been set to a milder setting. A new concept LSD that is easy to control and allows for safe stepping on the gas.

  • The initial action and braking characteristics when the accelerator is ON and OFF are set up to be mild. Rear-wheel drive cars are easier to handle on the circuit, and low-power cars minimize power loss. A
    newly developed FFD (flat friction disc) with a highly accurate surface polishing is used as the inner claw plate as a new mechanism, and the conventional MZ plate (with grooves) is used as the outer claw plate to ensure smooth oil circulation and a mild braking feel.
  • Features
  • Adopting a newly developed FFD (flat friction disc)
  • The FFD surface is precision ground to produce uniform and smooth friction, ensuring stable performance.
  • Smooth LSD operation and mild braking characteristics make it ideal for street use.
  • By adopting a metal disc, stable performance is achieved from low to high temperatures.
  • Uses high-strength cold-forged chromium-moly gears for high reliability and durability
  • You can change your type-RS or type-MZ to Spec-F by replacing the inner claw plate with FFD (please specify the FFD repair kit when overhauling).
Type Spec-F
  • Two types of operation can be selected with one LSD
  • For FF vehicles...○1&1.5Way type,○1Way type
  • For FR vehicles...○1&2Way type,○1.5&2Way type
  • For 4WD vehicles...○1&1.5Way type,○1Way type → Front,○1&2Way type,○1.5&2Way type → Rear
  • *The 1-way type is a 2-cam system that allows you to choose the cam angle for the operation timing.
Type Spec-F

Change the operation method with the pressure ring


Spec-FSpec-F Plate
  • This is especially recommended for people like this!!
  • Those who feel the car is too sensitive in high-speed corners (especially rear-wheel drive vehicles)
  • Those who want to try a time attack on a high-speed circuit
  • Those who want to reduce power loss in low-power vehicles
  • Those who want controllability (ease of handling) on ​​low-mu roads such as wet roads
  • Those who are using high-grip tires

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Category: LSD Model: SXE10 Spec-F LSD 150 LT15
Product: type-RS Spec-F 1.5WAY Vehicle name: Altezza  
  Manufacturer: Toyota  

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